Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Year End 2017

Coming to year end. Year 2018 will be coming very soon.

What have I been doing for the year 2017? Looking for job...looking for job and looking for job everyday hahaha...... Yes have been looking for job since day one of 2017 and I finally start my new job on August 2017. Have been working for 4 months. So far so good,enjoyed working with my colleagues and working environment. Although I have no annual leave, I still can take leave hahaha (no pay leave) :( Beside working, I still continue my baking. Have a chance to try new recipe which I was very happy with it. I baked shortbread which I never baked before. I tried different flavor of butter cake too. And the most happy thing was I found a good recipe for my biscotti. Yeah.......yeah..... wish that I can find times to bake for Chinese new year. That;s all for me.

Let's mention about my gal. This year is her 1st year of secondary school. She does struggle abit at the beginning of the year. Maybe because of the increase of subjects. There are subjects that she never study at primary school.She picked up quite fast and do well for her class test. Although she did not do well in her PSLE (as what I expected her to get) i'm very pleased with her secondary school result.This year end, we received 2 pleasant surprise from our letter box and we really really never think of her getting this award. She received the Edusave Good Progress Award who are within the top 10% of the level. The other is Edusave certificate of Academic Achievement who are within the top 25%. Felt very proud of her. She is not the genius type but she really put in effort and hardwork to achieve .

Continue doing that Mummy wish that you can get into pure science.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Melaka Trip 2017

We had another short gateaway on the 24th Nov. Although we already have our holiday during the June holiday, we went for another one to Melaka with my mum and sis. A 3 days shopping and feasting trip. Looking around Jonker Street with another aspect. Cruising along the Melaka River was relaxing. Finding the wall murals along Joker street.
This is our 3rd times going to Melaka.The 1st time was 6 years ago.