Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Job

I remember the last parent and teacher meeting,Mrs Chong said that her marks had drop.Yes I agreed that her marks has dropped.But this time round,she really improved. I am satisfied with her results.She can have what she wanted and I have mine too. hahahaha.....
As what I had said before,一份耕云,一份收获.You will get what you want if you put in the effort.
Keep up the good work and continue to work hard.And don't forget to play hard during this school holiday.

Continue your hard work next year 2013 in P3.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sleepless Nite Again

Last nite I can't get to sleep again.I keep thinking of her chinese test that she will be taking today.I had quickly go through with her last nite about the topic that she will be test for the chinese paper.

Taught her how to check her work after finish.Go through with her the re-arrange sentences and the han yu pin yin.I taught her the method of checking these 2 topics.Really hope that she can get full marks for chinese.I keep telling her that if she can have all the multiple choices,cloze passage...etc correct exclude the comphension,she will easily to have band 1.I can't gurantee for the comprehension because this topic I can't teach her,every passage given by teacher is always different.

Today is the last paper which is chinese paper. Tonite no more revision for her,she can relax herself.Oooh...not for me only half of my stress is gone.The other half of the stress go to her marks.I am very particular about marks.At least she must have one subject that is band 1.You can say me kaisu or whatever.If you don't do better than others how do you catch up with the best one.

Monday, October 22, 2012

27th October 2012

Finally her piano theory exam is here.It will be on this coming Saturday (27/10) at 10 am.It will be hold at St Francis Methodist School.Students taking the exam has to be at the exam venue 15mins early.

I feel excited and abit of stress. This is her 1st paino exam and of course I want her to do very well.Really hope that she can have distinction for this.Her teacher also expect her to have distinction.I know that I cannot put too much stress on her or else she sure feel stressful and no confident.Four more months to her practical exam.

Let me wish her do well with flying colours.Good Luck,Val

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cycling down the slope

She is having fun cycling down the slope in fast speed.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mock Exam

She took her mock exam for her piano yesterdayThis is a compulsory exam.The exam start at 2pm and end at 3.30pm.
She has 80 marks for this mock exam which is Merit.I hope that she can get distinction during the real exam.Normally mock exam will be more difficult than the real one.
Wish her good luck and with flying colours in her coming exam.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Children's Day Gift

I went to student care to bring back her clothes and also told teacher that she will be going back to student care after school.Then teacher asked me did I see those presents in the cabinet.Wow....there were 2 presents,one from the centre management and one from the teachers.

She is so happy to unwrap the presents last nite.The centre gave a sling bag with the centre logo on it.The teacher gave a pencil case,a set of stationery and some tibits which wrap in one bag.I find that this year presents are more practical.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Last nite,Teacher Annie watapps me regard the payment of next year practical exam fees.The cost is $165 just for the exam :( She also tell me that she will be given Val 1 hour of lesson instead of the usual half and hour.She is so kind,give Val another half hour of lesson.The exam will be next year February and she will only know the exact date and venue 1 month before the exam.She say the exam will be on the weekday and Val has to take off from school on that day.
Teacher Annie told us to get ready to buy a piano for her.It is good to have a paino for her to practice.(i know piano is very different from keyboard).We told her our budget and ask her to recommend us what model is suitable for her.She will help us to look out if there is any sales going on.