Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maritime Experiential Museum

                                                   I am in the centre of the world

We are at the Maritime Experiential Museum.This is the last enjoyment before school re-open on Monday.She has to work very hard for term 3 and 4.
She started her creative writing class this morning.I hope that she really can write after attending the class as there will be test on composition at year end.I don't expect her to write very well but at least a pass for this.
She has to meet my expectations for her if not she will have nothing from me.She sure know what is this "nothing" mean.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Crabs for his birthday dinner.We went Jumbo Seafood for his birthday celebration.This is our 2nd times at Jumbo.The 1st time was celebrating my birthday but we did not order crabs.He request to go again on his birthday.I called for reservation at Riverside point and requested to have a table near the river.

We order their signature dish-chilli crabs and vegetables,chicken and a cripsy youtiao.We had a scrumptious dinner.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Advanced Birthday Celebration for Daddy

 We had steamboat for dinner last nite.It's also to celebrate Daddy birthday.I bought a cake for him.He requested a chocolate cake.Steamboat is yummy and so is the cake.Everyone enjoys the dinner.


A Dip in the Pool

 We went for a swim again on Saturday afternoon.This time yiyi went with us.We went to Delta Swimming Complex which near grandma's house.This is our 1st time at this swimming pool,is an old pools.Although is old,it quite crowded.We did not swim long but we enjoyed it.Let's have another round next time.

At Zhenghua Park~June Holidays

They are at Zhenghua Park.A park near to student care.They walk there.This is one of the outdoor activities.

                                                          Group Photo

                                                     Climbing the spider web

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family Trip to Hong Kong May 2012-Part 2

                                                 showing off her new watch,bought it at stanley market
                                                     At Ocean Park on the 3rd day.Weather is hot

                                                 Inside MTR station
                                                        A photo taking with the pandan
                                                      Underwater world at ocean park.Beautiful corals
                                                       We are on the merry-go-round ride.Mummy
                                                        is on the Nemo.

                                              Daddy & Mummy
                                           Same pose as the monkey statue behide me

waiting to the board the bus

                                         On the cable car ride.scary ride for me.

 At stanley market



                                              Nice view.
Dolphins show

                                     Our breakfast.

                                                      Another view from stanley.I love this place

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Family Trip to Hong Kong May 2012

1st day-at charlie brown cafe.Very happy to find this cafe.Thank you daddy for bringing me there.
  Ferry tickets to Macau
                                                                                 On the plane.

Inside the male toilet


                                          Looking at the food menu.What should I eat for tonite?
                                         At The Peak
                                          Beautiful nite secnery
This is what we have for our dinner at 1st nite in Hong Kong

Inside the tram

                                                      Birds show at Ocean Park

                                   Taking the ride on the mine coaster.