Monday, August 31, 2009


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fly High in the Sky

Can you see our orange kite flying HIGH

ColourFul Windmills

Our Kites F-L-Y-I-N-G Days @West Coast Park

Kite Flying Festival 2009 held at West Coast Park on 29th & 30th of Aug.We went there on Saturday afternoon.There were a huge crowds.Many took part in the kites flying competition.There were also goodies bags, kites and children's stationerys to be given out.There were also origami kites and baby kites making booths.Look at daddy,enjoying himself by flying the kites for about 2hrs.We together with ah ma & yiyi spent more than 3hrs there and enjoyed ourself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Off to Underwater World @ Sentosa

It's time for them to set off to Sentosa already.Hope today weather is good.No rain please,if not they will not able to watch the pink dolphin at outdoors.Enjoy yourself,my dear.Have a good lunch too.

Tell mummy more about your trip this evening:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fruits Party Part 2

Her purpose of bringing fruits to school is because teacher is teaching them the different colour of the fruit skin,different type of seed in each fruit and so on.Apples,oranges,mangoes,dragonfruits,longan,pears,grapes these are the fruits that brought by the children.Some fruit has small seeds,some has big seed and shape are differnet also.Some fruit has 2 colour.Example apples have red & green apples.

After all the theory,they eat up the fruits.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today is her Spelling

She got it all correct.I am proud of her.Her spelling,she had her spelling today and she got it all correct 5/5 with a smiling face from her teacher.
The 1st thing I do when I reach her school is asking her how is her spelling and she happily took out her exceries book from her bag and show it to me.I praise her,for her hard work she put in.

Once again I want to say out loud and clear,Mummy proud of YOU.

Roller Blade-5th Lesson

It has been a long long time since her last blading lesson on April.Last weekend she blade again.This is her 5th lesson with daddy.As it rain on that day,they have to go to a shelter place to blade.Normally she will blade at the playground which the floor is rubber.It is much more easier to blade on the rubber ground as compare to the concrete floor.But she can also blade by herself.This is her 1st attempt trying on the concrete floor.So it means that she can blade already.Yeah...yeah...

Kite Flying Festival

Kite Flying Festival this coming saturday,4pm-7pm,west coast park.

We are going.Will take photos.Stay tune.

Fruits Party

As usual,I went to school to fetch her on Monday.She told me that they need to bring a fruit to school on Wednesday.She told me if bring apple/orange just need to bring one.And if bring bananas need to bring 2.I teased her that Mummy let her bring durain to school.She reply me,durain so big how to put inside her bag and if put in a plastic bag also very big.And she also tell me that same for the watermelon.She is smart.She knows that watermelon is about the size as durain(Big)She told me that is a fruit party. Bringing fruit is for her chinese class.Maybe they are now learning about fruits or parts of the fruits.
Will find out from her today.By the way,she will be bringing apple.

An MSN Message from my Friend

Early this morning,I received a msn message from a friend.She told me that she just browse through my blog.And she enjoyed reading my blog.I say thank you to her and of course I am very pleased to hear that :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Teacher's Day Present

We went to popular bookstore to buy colour paper for her and she met her friend,Debra.Debra was asking Val whether she buying presents for teachers on Teacher's Day.After that,she requested us to buy for her teachers.She saw some notebooks with beautiful coverpage.And I also promiss to buy for her as this is the 1st time she buy presents for teachers.

SAD :((

Sad,yes I am sad :(But what to do ,I still have to face it.I still have to let him go as this is his job.What can I say?Can I ask him not to go?Definitely NO!You must be thinking how long did he has to go?It is very long?1 mth...2 is 1 week.Yah,is ONLY 1 week.And I definitely know that is only 1 week and is pass by very fast.His Val will sure miss him & will look for him.I will be very tired & stress for the whole week.The most importantly that daddy will miss Val 1st school concert performance.
Anyway,no one to blame just to blame his job :(

Can he understand how I feel when he is oversea?

On the way to...

She seems like very interested in driving.As I said before,she like to sit beside daddy.She will ask daddy alot of questions when he is driving.She will ask why there is arrow on the road...why the cars stop when it is green light...why daddy's car not moving when it is red light...why...why...why.There are so many WHYS.
This afternoon,when we are on the way to Adam Road for lunch she ask daddy a few questions.She ask daddy what is the letter next to the meter represent.The letters are "D", "L", "R", "S".Daddy explain to her that D is for Driving,R is Reverse,S is Stop,L is Lower mean that when you up a steep slope you have to use this gear.
She will also ask why other people car have tv inside their car and she say why daddy's car don't have.We will explain to her.When she see spot car drive pass,she will ask daddy why he don't want to buy spot car and she will tell daddy she like spot car leh.Daddy will tell her,he has no $$$ hahaha... or daddy will tell her that spot car can only sit 2 person,mummy will not have a seat to sit.
She ask many many questions and sometimes I find it so irritating.And i have to ask her to STOP. "sigh"

MacRitchie Reservoir

Butterfly on the flower.
A new place which last time do not have
Hey....look at me!Look at how I jump high.1...2...3...JUMP
Hey....I am here!Can you see me?It here....
Where am I running to
We went to MacRittchie Reservoir yesterday afternoon.Actually is a last minutes decision as we went to Adam food centre to have our lunch and is daddy decision that we went there after our lunch.Very near to Adam Road.It's been more than 10yrs since I last there.I remember that is during my secondary school days when school held the sport day there.We had to run quite a long distance,it's a tiring day.And I remember that my friends & I always tried to avoid not to go by finding many excuses.
Alot of changes at MacRitchie.Not long ago just renovate.There is a new car park,cafe...etc.We did not stay long but we will go back again.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Preparing to go out and I put on the new hairband that I buy for her.She pose and let me take pics.Can she be a model in future?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Resume their field trip

I received a letter from the school 2 days ago,telling us that their field trip to underwater World @ sentosa will be resume.Of course she is happy & excited.The date has been confirmed (28 aug)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Received this list of spelling list from teacher.They will start to have spelling very soon.I thnk they will have it once a week.To me,I find it good to have spelling.To let them prepare for P1.
Val,mummy give you all my supports.You have to learn hard.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Borrow Books

She is in the library.She borrows books on her own.Now she is in the chinese section,browsing through which books to borrow.Look at her serious face.