Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Had A Fall

Last evening,I went to school to fetch her.One of the teacher told me that she fell down when they were at outdoors.The teacher ask Val to tell me how she fall.She told me that Jun Ming pushed her and she fall.I asked her did Jun Ming do it purposely,she say no.I told her that if he not did it purposely then never mind but if he did it purposely then he is in the wrong.Teacher will reprimand him.
Last nite,I applied some medicine on her leg and rubbed it for her,as there was blue black on her knee.I told her that after rubbing,will be fine tomorrow.
This morning,she told me that her knee still painful.And she still remember what I had told her last nite(i tell her that after rubbing,will be ok the next day)Poor gal :(

Friday, June 26, 2009


On our way home yesterday,Val told me that a little bird's wings were injured when teacher brought them out to outdoor.It was biten by a cat.They also saw 2 indian man put the bird back on the tree.I asked her what type of bird which was injured and she told me is PIGEON.Their teacher told them that it is not a right thing to injured the animals and birds.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Scrapbook for Her

Mummy do this scrapbook for me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cold Rock

Bubblegum + honeycomb + mashmallow

Have ice cream for desert after dinner.

See Saw & Slide

Get Close to Nature

It's a good thing to let the kids to get close to nature.Get to know the name of the plants,feel the texture of the plants.Sometimes kids know what the fruit or vegetable look like but they do not know the fruit or vegetables come from which plants and how are they grow.Somehow some of theses things which we cannot learn from textbooks.

Plants @ jAcoB bAllaS ChilDren's gArDen

They are called Wing Yam A big bunch of bananas???NO...no...no...they are not bananas.You are wrong.They look like bananas but they are not.They are PLANTAIN and must cook before eating.Look at the sign below What so special about this tree?The tree name is special.Upside-down tree (Baobab).It has a swollen trunk,and is adistinctive feature in some African landscapes.Take a look at the sign below.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy BirthDay to Our Dear Daddy-06/20

Today is daddy's birthday.We celebrated his birthday at Traders Hotel for a buffet lunch.We had a great times spend together.After lunch,we head down to jacob ballas children's garden,this is our 2nd times there.We did not stay too long as the weather was too hot.Mummy bought a cake-Tiramisu for daddy.

Book Mummy Read

Borrowed this book from the library.Talking about friendship of your child at different age groups.How they handle friendship at different age?Interesting book.
Reading is a great pleasure and relaxing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

For Daddy-Happy father's Day

Created by Mummy.Wishing daddy Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's For Him 给他的

It's for him.A little appreciation from Val & Mummy.Spending a little time to make this card.A special card for a special one.Won't be saying any romantic words to him.Cos they are all in my and Val's heart.Hope daddy will love what we have done for him.

我和 妈妈的一点小心意。花一点时间制做 一张卡片给特别的人是值得的。甜言密语就不多说 了。祝您生日快乐,身体健康

Meeting with the Music teacher

Yesterday had a small meeting with the music teacher @ 5.50pm.By the time I reached school was almost time.Music teacher showed me all her works and according to the music teacher she was doing well.She able to understand the musical concept(pitch/rhythm/harmony/tempo),her performance(individual playing on keyboard)(good posture/good rhythmic playing/playing w confidence).
The only 2 things was that her technique-good hand & fingers fomation,her fingers is not curved enough.(when playing on the piano our fingers have to be a bit curved.Is the same as what we do when typing on the computer keyboards)And also her counting of different note values.Sometimes she may confused on the counting.These are the 2 things that need to reinforce on it.She is one of the better one.
As Mummy & Daddy 对音乐音一窍不通,we decided to buy a keyboard for her to practice at home.If not,will sure to forget all the things that she has learned during the lesson.Practice make PERFECT!