Monday, October 21, 2019

Planning Her Sweet 16

I was planning for her sweet 16 next year. Yes is next year birthday. Although is next year , is just a few months away. I have a few suggestions for her .

My suggestions below -
  • Invite her friends to our house to celebrate for her
  • Go for a staycaions at resort world sentosa
  • Go for a short resort trip
  • A simple celebration with dinner and dessert
My top priority is to invite friends to our house and I will cook some dishes for them but she told me that is boring to invite friends to our house as she don't know what to do at home. She wanted the staycation. It may be expensive for staycation for 2 nites but I wanted to give her a memorable sweet 16. A few more months away, let daddy decide.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Our Little Princess Has Grown Up

In a blink of eyes, she had grown up to a teenager. Tomorrow (28/08) she will be register for her very 1st Identity card in school. All Singapore citizens must register for their 1st identity card at the age of 15 years old. From birth certificate to identity card.

I have a mixed feeling for her. She has grown up from a little child to teenager slowly to an adult. I'm happy to see her grown up happy and healthy. But we grown old slowly.Wish that she will be a responsible person when she step into the society.

Remember what I always tell you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Happy Mother's Day - 12th May 2019

Today is Mother's Day. I received my 1st carnation from her. The flower was bought by daddy .I was quite surprise when she given me the flower. I was in the kitchen hanging clothes when she gave me the flower.

It was not the 1st time she gave me gift on Mother's Day but it was the 1st time she gave me carnation on Mother's Day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

OBS Camp 2019

Have not been updating my blog for quite awhile.

She is now in Sec 3. Studying pure science and A Maths. Now already into the month of March and she had go through a number of tests.Wish her continue to work hard.

This coming March school holiday,she is going to OBS camp for a 5D4N. Basically for the whole of school holidays. I will miss her badly. This is the 1st time that she not at home for so many days. Although she had camp when she was in Sec 1 and 2 , that was only 2D1N and the camp was station in school.

Although I unwilling to let her go for the camp, I still hope that she enjoy every parts of the activities .But remember don't force yourself to do things that you can't complete it .Remember that safety come first.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Year End Exam Ended

SA2 had finally ended. Results are out too. After so many weekssss of hard work and struggling every weekends without going out and to Ah Ma's house, hard work paid off. We were pleased with her results. And now waiting for her streaming briefing. Hope she can go into pure science class which is her dream.

2 years of secondary school life so far so good. 3rd year on the way. Not an easy task. Some of her classmates did not do very well and may go to sec 3 normal .

After so much hard works for the whole year, it time to relax , enjoyed and PLAY. Looking forward to our family trip again.We are having road trip again and we love it. This is our 3rd road trip holiday.

Friday, June 22, 2018

My June Holidays

One months holidays is going to end soon. School re-open on next Monday. Beside doing school homework, what had she been doing during these holidays?

We had our short family trip to Bintan, The Canopi. This is our 1st time going to a resort holiday. A relax holiday at our own pace. We love the ATV Ride and the electric scooter ride,so fun and exciting. 

Beside our holiday, we brought her to watch a movie-The Jurassic Park. We went to National Museum, doing some shopping, having high tea and celebrated daddy's birthday at a Spanish restaurant during this june holiday.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Canopi 2018

We are back from our short holiday. Our 1st experience holidaying at Bintan Resort, The Canopi. A 3D 2N resort experience. Relaxing , fun , excitement and HOT (referring to weather). This is a new resort at Bintan. We are not staying at hotel but in a tentage with air condition. Some sort of camping in a tent.

1st day:
we arrive at Bintan in the morning. The 1st activities we play -The ATV off road trail. I love this and it really excited and fun. It is not difficult to control as I thought. The guide will explain to us before we started our trail and we had to follow him behind .We will go into the forest , go up and down the slope and go into the pools of water.You can't imagine when you drove into the pool of water and those muddy water spilled at you. After this adventure, we had our lunch and followed by a trip to 2 temples and a shopping mall. We had our dinner at a nearby kelong which we had to take a speed boat.This is really a rare experience for us.

2nd day:
We had some waterplay in the lagoon.We played on the bumper boat,and the water sport park. We rented a motorbike which can drive within the resort area.It so fun sitting on the motorbike .We had BBQ outside our tent and chill at the bar at nite.

3rd day:
We woke up early as we will be checking out .After breakfast we went into the lagoon again. This time we rented a unicorn float and a small boat which have to paddle. We had a rest in the tent before checking out. We had lunch at the restaurant and waited for the bus to ferry us to the jetty.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Streaming Year

This year is her streaming year for Sec 2. It's an important year for her if she want to get into the pure science class. She had to score well for all her common test, class test, SA1 and finally SA2.

After SA1, June holidays will be coming and our family trip will be on the way. Really look forward to this relax and chilling trip.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Year End 2017

Coming to year end. Year 2018 will be coming very soon.

What have I been doing for the year 2017? Looking for job...looking for job and looking for job everyday hahaha...... Yes have been looking for job since day one of 2017 and I finally start my new job on August 2017. Have been working for 4 months. So far so good,enjoyed working with my colleagues and working environment. Although I have no annual leave, I still can take leave hahaha (no pay leave) :( Beside working, I still continue my baking. Have a chance to try new recipe which I was very happy with it. I baked shortbread which I never baked before. I tried different flavor of butter cake too. And the most happy thing was I found a good recipe for my biscotti. Yeah.......yeah..... wish that I can find times to bake for Chinese new year. That;s all for me.

Let's mention about my gal. This year is her 1st year of secondary school. She does struggle abit at the beginning of the year. Maybe because of the increase of subjects. There are subjects that she never study at primary school.She picked up quite fast and do well for her class test. Although she did not do well in her PSLE (as what I expected her to get) i'm very pleased with her secondary school result.This year end, we received 2 pleasant surprise from our letter box and we really really never think of her getting this award. She received the Edusave Good Progress Award who are within the top 10% of the level. The other is Edusave certificate of Academic Achievement who are within the top 25%. Felt very proud of her. She is not the genius type but she really put in effort and hardwork to achieve .

Continue doing that Mummy wish that you can get into pure science.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Melaka Trip 2017

We had another short gateaway on the 24th Nov. Although we already have our holiday during the June holiday, we went for another one to Melaka with my mum and sis. A 3 days shopping and feasting trip. Looking around Jonker Street with another aspect. Cruising along the Melaka River was relaxing. Finding the wall murals along Joker street.
This is our 3rd times going to Melaka.The 1st time was 6 years ago.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

School Holidays

School holidays(31st Oct) started early for secondary school students.It started 3 weeks earlier than the primary school.As I started to work,I really have no time to bring her out .Unless I have to take leave unpaid leave.So far I brought her out last Thursday having some quality time with her.We went for brunch followed by shopping.

I think she will look forward to our next holiday - Road trip to Malacca. Although is a short trip (3 days)at least we have some bonding times doing things together, having fun together.Don't you think this is the most important things.This is our 3rd road trip to 3 different countries and we really enjoyed it.It really feel different from taking public transport in that country.

After the Malacca,there will be one month left to 2018 and school will re-open  and she will be in Sec 2.Times really really flies.

Her results was good. Is "good" a good phase to describle her result? Or should I use satisfy?Out of 8 subjects,she has scored 5 As.She has to put in double effort for sec 2 in order to go into pure science.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Our Taiwan Holiday - June 2017

Our trip to Taiwan started at the beginning of the June holiday. We went there for 10 days. Our 1st time experience the super heavy rain in Taiwan. The whole Taiwan has been raining non-stop for 3-4 days.The rain started when we started our journey to Cinjing farm. On the way there,we stopped at Sun Moon Lake (日月潭 )but too bad the rain and wind started here. We not able to walk down to our destination.We sat in the café for a drink hope that the rain will stop. Too bad the rain did not stop.
We drove up the mountain to cinjing farm. The mountain road was very scary especially during this rainy weather. We drove really slow and finally we reach the ming su.

We missed out a few places because of the rain.We did not go to the cinjing farm (a must go when you are at cinjing) .We can only stay in and watched tv programme. Lucky for us, on the last day at ming su the rain finally stop and we were able to take a good look at the beautiful scenery.From there we drove to Taichung.We stayed there for only one nite.From Taichung,we took the bullet train to Taipei. At Taipei we finally got to see Mr Sunshine but it was too scorching.At Taipei,we went to 十分瀑布,九份老街,淡水老街,阳明山国家公园 etc.A lot of walking and climbing for this trip.My poor legs seem going to break.

Overall for this trip: we had a  experience. We not sure walked and climbed  how many millions steps to view the fantastic and stunning scenery. It was all worth it (although my leg is breaking) and we are home safety.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Our Family 1st Road Trip @Perth Dec 2016

Our rented car for the whole road trip

Having our lunch at the famous Fish & Chips

Crawley Edge Boatshed

Lake Cave

Our 1st Road trip to Perth after her PSLE (2016) last year. We went there for 8 days.We had farm stay during the trip and it was our 1st experience staying at a farm.The longest drive to our destination was a 3hr trip to Lobster Shack for lunch.Obviously we were having lobster for our lunch.It worth the 3hr drove.Another stunning experience for us were entering a cave. A lake cave at Margaret River.This was an unforgettable experience. Different formation of limestones. Perth had really beautiful scenery.Wish that we are able to go back again to explore more places.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

SA1 2017

Her 1st Mid-year exam (SA1) had over and result had came out. I could say that she did quite well.There are a few subjects she did well (A1).The only subject that did not do well is her art. I don't blame her as all along (since primary school) her art & craft is not very well done.Now in secondary school art is so different from what I had when I was in secondary school.

Last nite,her physic teacher text them in the group chat for their overall result and she was in the Top 10 position (she is in 6th position) and she had A1.I can proudly say that she so far so good and did better than in primary school.Although I know that I cannot compare primary and secondary level. I said better doesn't mean she done badly in primary school. Her primary school results are above average or even better than above average from P1 to P5 .She had received awards in school and outside school. Until she go to P6,her result started to drop abit .Although I am not very satisfied with her PSLE, I wish that she can do very well in secondary school. Received more medals and awards.

This is only the beginning of her secondary school life and there are still 3 more years to go and I know is too early to judge how well she is doing but I wish she can continue her hardwork. I know is not an easy task but try your very best. I very sure you can do it because you are a smart girl.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mid-Year Exam

Today is her 1st Mid-Year Exam. her 1st paper started today which is chinese paper 1.

Although is mid-year exam ,I don't really feel the stress like what I have when she is in primary school.I think this type of feeling should be a good one so that I won't give her any stress or pressure. No stress and pressure from me meaning that she will do well.

Since she entered secondary one, I don't really stress her on her studies. I don't know why. Maybe I had been doing for the past 6 years or maybe I'm getting lazy or maybe I'm getting old Hahahaha......
Whenever she has chinese test (in fact she has test almost every week), I did not even revise with her.Sometimes only let her do assesment book,mark and go through,that's all.Marks for her tests,so far so good.A few of the subjects she even top in class.Recently there was a chinese test on email writing ,she told me she is the highest in class and teacher put up on the transparency to let the class see. I'm so proud of her. Another subject is Food & Nutrient,teacher gave her a lollipo for the top 3 in class.

I really hope that she can continue to keep up the good work. Next year is an important year. If result is good,she will have more subjects choices to choose for her sec 3.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Recently Facebook have been popping up some photos of Val when she was small which I posted a few years back. It gave me memory of her when she is before 7 years old as she looked so so cute at that age.Her yi yi missed her cuteness hahaha..... Mummy missed it too. She really have the cuteness and sweetly pie look.

Children really grown up too fast until I don't even able to catch up with her growing. Now she already a teenager and in no time she is an adult and get married OH My God! Why is times seem like flying. Can time please slow down? Mummy and Daddy will be old if you become and adult.

Last night (28/2) she told us a few of her test marks and I told her she done well and keep up the good job. And I wanted to reward her so I asked her what she want? She told me she wanted to have a CUP of gong cha ("Fainted")Hahahaha.... You must have many question marks above you head why did she requested this instead of other things? Because I don't let her drink those sweet drink.

I found that I have very little quality time with her since she entered secondary school and also because I worked in the half day afternoon instead of morning. I will find time with her when holiday started.